Practice Areas

Patent Prosecution

MERH-IP provides a complete, high-quality service including drafting patent applications in German or English language as first filings and prosecuting as German, European and International patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

In addition to this, we have significant experience handling high-volume patent prosecution of second filings for globally acting corporations before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office.

By tapping our international network of associated IP law firms distributed over the globe, our attorneys are able to coordinate the protection of intellectual property rights – worldwide.

Patent Litigation

Attorneys of our firm are continuously representing clients in multinational patent infringement cases in close and longstanding
co-operations with attorneys at law specialized in patent litigation, especially in the fields of telecommunication and electronics.

Due to their technical expertise attorneys of MERH-IP have been appointed by German District Courts as technical experts in infringement proceedings.

Trademarks, Designs, Product Piracy

The most valuable assets of many companies are their brands. Our attorneys understand the commercial significance of strong protection for a company′s trademarks. We secure the necessary trademark rights for our clients and defend those rights by opposing and cancelling conflicting trademarks.

We handle the filing and registration of design applications in Germany and the European Community and advise in relation to rights applicable to unregistered designs.

Employee′s Inventions, Copyrights, Unfair Competition

Our attorneys have assisted companies in setting up new systems for handling of employees inventions and related remuneration and have successfully negotiated in employees invention disputes.

MERH-IP advises in questions of copyright protection. Imitation of products may be an issue of unfair competition which is of particular relevance in cases where patent protection is not available.

Licensing, Due Diligence and Patent Valuation

MERH-IP understands licensing as a permanent and integral part of counseling clients in the field of intellectual property. We advise our clients on licensing contracts with regard to patent, trademark, design and copyright matters including software forms.

We have accompanied clients in due diligence projects and have co-ordinated the transfer of entire patent portfolios between multinational enterprises.

Attorneys of our firm have developed an approach for subjective valuation of patents and have successfully applied it as a tool for supporting clients to manage their patent portfolios.

Strategic IP Management

Based on our MERH-IP management framework, we work with our clients to evaluate how their patent assets fit into their business strategy so that their IP investments yield the highest possible return at reasonable costs.

A thorough understanding of our clients′ businesses enables our attorneys to carefully devise strategies for selecting, protecting, managing and developing IP assets that align with our clients′ business objectives.

The "Design-to-Patent"-approach developed by MERH-IP focuses on the analysis of potential patent protection already in the product planning phase.