Dr.-Ing., M.Sc.  

Oscar Klier  

Patent professional

Oscar Klier is German patent attorney and European trademark attorney.

Oscar studied materials science at the University of Augsburg and received his Master’s degree in 2012. After that, he started to work as a scientific associate at the Chair of Resource Strategy at the University of Augsburg and commenced the compilation of his doctoral thesis with the title: „Technological Persistency of Inorganic Solid-State Lighting Technologies “. After in-depth studies focusing on LED lighting systems and their physical/chemical fundamentals as well as on concepts of sustainability, he developed a rating system for the assessment of contemporary LED-based lighting devices with regard to resource consumption and functional benefits. He was awarded a PhD in 2017.

Oscar began his work as a patent attorney candidate for MERH-IP in 2018 and provides extensive knowledge in the technical fields of vehicle technology, lighting technologies, semiconductors and solid-state physics.