Selçuk Yegenoglu  


Selçuk Yegenoglu studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, focusing on general mechanical engineering, vehicle technology, and vehicle safety. He received his diploma in December 2013. In his diploma thesis, he researched the influence of auditory and visual distractions on driver stress. Furthermore, Selçuk Yegenoglu brings several years of professional experience, which he obtained as a passive safety engineer with various automotive suppliers.

In 2016 Selçuk Yegenoglu commenced his training as a patent attorney at an old-established law firm in Munich. In March 2017, Mr Yegenoglu joined MERH-IP to continue his legal and practical training for becoming a patent attorney. His core activities are in the fields of mechanical engineering, vehicle technology, aeronautics and space technology, and in medical engineering. Mr. Yegenoglu is fluent in German, English, and Turkish.

In 2019, Selcuk Yegenoglu was admitted as German Patent Attorney.