Yifei Zhang  

Patent professional

Yifei Zhang is qualified as Chinese patent attorney and Chinese attorney at Law, and is working at MERH-IP as a candidate as European patent attorney.

The technical field of his practice includes wireless telecommunications, Machine learning, Image recognition, and Audio-Video coding standards, and his work language is Chinese, English and Japanese.

Yifei studied Radio and TV engineering and received his bachelor degree from Communication University of China. He further received his master degree in Computer science and Communication engineering from Waseda University, Japan. After graduation, he accepted the training to be a patent examiner in China from China Patent Office, After graduation, he was trained by China Patent examiners in China National Intellectual Property Administration, China, mainly responsible for examining the patents of related technologies such as image processing, video coding and decoding, and wireless transmission. He also has the work experience in a local Law firm of China and the IP department of a Chinese telecom company, which mainly involved the drafting and prosecuting patent application, and he also has experience in value evaluation, collaborative production and monetization of standard essential patents in the field of communication, for example, 3GPP standard and ITU-T standard.