Jingying Xu  


Jingying is qualified as Chinese patent attorney and as representative before the European Patent Office (EPO). She is with MERH-IP since 2020 for the qualification of European as well as German patent attorney. Before that, she worked in a law firm in Cologne for two years.

Her practice is focused on drafting and prosecuting patent applications including opposition proceedings. She has also participated in Freedom to Operate projects.

Her technical expertise lies in the fields of wireless communication, signal processing, telecommunication standards, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and Internet of Things. She is also familiar with mechanics, optics, additive manufacturing, and semiconductor technologies as well as medical technologies.

Jingying obtained her Master’s degree in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in the field of Information and Communication Engineering. Along with Master’s studies she worked as a Research Assistant in the Research Institute of Communication Technology of BIT conducting research on pulsed interference performance evaluation based on time-frequency analysis as well as blind OFDM nonlinear multipath channel equalization based on kernel least mean square, the former of which constitutes her Master’s dissertation.

Her publications during Master’s studies are as follows: The Analysis of Topology Based on Lagrange Points L4/L5 of Sun-Earth System for Relying in Earth and Mars Communication, A New Method for Performance Evaluation of Pulsed Interference Based on Wigner-Wile Distribution and Optimal Periodic Pulse Jamming Signal Design for QPSK Systems.

Before that, Jingying obtained her Bachelor’s degree in the field of Information Engineering in Southeast University in Nanjing, China, during which she also studied at Technical University of Munich in the department Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.